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We have helped hundreds of valued customer achieve their financial goals. 

Customer Success Stories

Andy & Rachel purchased a 4-2-2 house and land package (tobe constructed) in Geelong, Victoria for $319,000 in 2014 inthe early stages of a master-planned community. By buyingearly in a well-researched development, they secured a large550m2 block. In 2018 the property was valued at $ 525,000,and they are now drawing out some equity to go overseas ona European dream holiday.

Andy & Rachel

Tony & Marie purchased a completed 3-2-2 double townhouse in a small private gated community in 2013 on the central coast of NSW for $329,000. Fast forward to 2016, when the valuation came in at $499,000, they were ecstatic. They have now purchased a house and land from us, which was recently completed and has tenants at a 5.5% rent yield. The townhouse now produces a 7.11% rental yield.

Tony & Marie

Chris purchased a dual occupancy property 5-4-2 (3/2/1) &(2/2/1) house and land package (to be constructed) in Logan City, Queensland for $399,000 in 2014 and it rented for $ 500per week immediately after completion, producing a 6.55%rental yield. Recently we found out that due to the property manager reviewing the rents every year, he now receives just over $600, which provides him with a 7.88% rent yield.

Chris T

Prakash & Sobura purchased a 4-2-2 house and land package(to be constructed) in Yarrabilba, Queensland for $329,000 in2013 in the first stage of a Delfn master- planned community. By buying early in a well-researched development, they secured a decent size 500m2 block. The same size package now sells in the estate for $ 485,000.

Prakash & Sobura

Tommy purchased a 3-2-2 house and land package (to beconstructed) in Werribee, Victoria for $329,000 in 2014 in theearly stages of a Delfin master-planned community. Recentlyhe sold his property for $515,000, and we are currentlylooking for his next property investment in Queensland.

Tommy J

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