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Beyond Wealth Group was founded by Charles Samways over 10 years ago.


Charles has over 45 years experience in the development and financial industry and has guided hundreds of people to achieving their financial goals.


Beyond is a professional Residential Property Investment organisation we leading the industry with a safe, secure and proven way of investing with integrity.


We provide research, source, negotiate and supply clients’ with quality brand new property investments around Australia. We have a large range of house and land packages, apartments, townhouses, row houses, duplexes, dual occupancies and units available for Australian and international property investors

Think Beyond Wealth.



Purpose-Driven Approach:

Our Beyond Wealth service is all about empowering our clients. We provide them with knowledge, education, and an ethical mentor who will give them the confidence and understanding they need to enter the residential property investment market. We focus solely on our client's needs and desires, not just what we think they need.


Our Aim:

We're not just in the business of investing; we're in the business of empowerment. Our mission is to nurture your clients and provide them with solid data and facts generated by trusted third parties. We are experienced Property Mentors who can help clients achieve their personal and business goals.

Spot the Void:

Have you ever noticed the lack of ethics, care, and trust in property investment? Let's team up to fill that void.

Beyond Wealth Group achieves financial results for clients by providing a customised financial strategy that matches hand picked investment opportunities, with your personal abilities and goals.

We will create a clear and detailed plan that will suit your individual needs while we help you navigate through the investment process, keeping it simple.

Beyond Wealth Group first objective is to eliminate all non tax debt, this includes your home loan. Debt paid from your after tax dollars is what sends families into financial crisises.


We can also provide you with expert property advice designed to maximise returns, including:

  • Finding hand picked properties to suit your specific needs

  • Provide property investment education and advice from start to settlement and beyond with yearly reviews.

  • Offering you ongoing support and assistance

The path to greater financial freedom, wealth and knowledge starts now and it takes a lot less than you think to get going. You just need to take action and click on a consult meet.


Our complimentary consultation is obligation free. So the only risk you have is schedule in a consultation today. The quicker you get into the market the quicker you will reach your financial freedom, so take action now.

Throughout my journey in life and business, I've had both successes and failures. However, I have always strived for outstanding results in whatever I do. Prioritising others has become ingrained in our company culture, giving us a unique advantage.


We prioritise the needs of our property clients, strategic partners, and their clients, cementing our commitment to serving others. Empowering investors with innovative residential investment strategies to build wealth and create sustainable, high-yield portfolios. Transforming real estate investors in education with cutting-edge residential strategies for smarter, more profitable investing

Our mentoring is highly respected by our colleagues and peers in the property investment field. By achieving mentoring our client’s, they can reach their personal and retirement goals while creating positive change in their life journey.

From our Founder

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