The Fine Print

  • Prior to any payment or decision, you will be directly connected to the lender, which means you can perform due diligence on the lender prior to making any decisions or payments
  • ​The Escrow payment is ONLY released to the lender AFTER client has received the loan funds in their bank
  • 100% Refund Guarantee​​​​ ​- If you don't get your funding, the funds will not be released from Escrow to the Lender and will be returned from the Escrow Agent to the Client, in full​​​
  • Fees and costs can usually be added into the loan amount, with the escrow payment refunded to client at funding
  • Fast Funding - Funding usually occurs 15 - 30 days after funds are paid into escrow (30 - 60 days after initial submission, depending upon complexity of project and responsiveness of borrower)
  • Very competitive rates under the Sinking Fund Debt Financing Program
  • 4.5% - 5.5% interest annually
  • 10 years. interest only loans
  • ​No profit sharing/equity stake - you keep full control and ownership of  your project and company