Self Managed Super Funds

Beyond Wealth Group, along with our strategic partner’s will provide innovative solutions and strategies for your SMSF. Wealth Group reviews and assists clients to financial freedom and retirement.

  • Build and preserve your wealth
  • Protect your future
  • Set your goals

How much do you require in retirement?

Everyone wants to have some idea if they are on track for a comfortable retirement or if not, how far off are they?

Most people want to achieve a standard of living that is not too different or is better than the one they had when they were working.

We can provide you ways to calculate the money you need to retire and what are the influencing factors that impact what you may need to do now to get there.

Your Retirement

Your Retirement

We can show or introduce you to our partner’s who will set up your own retirement fund that you manage and with the right assistance and planning you can see your retirement funds grow. Stop today allowing an unknown person manage and control your retirement, take over this control and manage your own retirement funds today!

What We Offer

Our SMSF partner is an independently-owned boutique financial planning and wealth management firm. They hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and are neither owned by nor affiliated with any banks, insurance companies or other dealer groups.


Since 2007 SMSF’s have been able to buy either constructed dwellings and/or off-the-plan dwellings; however, SMSF has been expressly excluded house and land packages. Dealing with 2 assets under 1 loan arrangement imposes on borrowing in SMSF’s. We have the path to allow this plus we can also super change your existing SMSF asset, if this is a home and land asset by adding a granny flat to your current SMSF asset, increasing dramatically your income and your retirement income!