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Nov 15

This is exactly what we at Beyond Wealth Group have been introducing to our clients now for many years. Allow me to share this article with you. It read:

Find, Analyze & Research Sub Division Opportunities

Hi there,

Sub dividing a property can be one of the best ways to manufacture equity and generate substantial profits.

When you divide one property into two or more you can add value just by registering the new lots. This then presents the opportunity for you to;

  • Sit on the lots and wait for an upturn in the market
  • ​Add another property to the new lot
  • Sell one property to pay down debt on the other

Find, analyze and research sub division opportunities that can support future growth.

Or you can simply join Beyond Wealth Group. Register your interest and under our BBS as we do all the work to Find, analyse and research sub division opportunities that can support future growth.

We will provide you examples of sub-division opportunities which are  either current or have recently been on the market. We did the hard work and you only need to do your due diligence.​


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Charles Samways is enthusiastic about property and wealth creation would bean understatement. He has over 30 years of experience in the finance and residential property investment industries. With this experience, he can extend his knowledge and experience to improve your financial position. He wants to become your trusted adviser and will approach every transaction from your point of view, not the lenders.

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